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with sadness
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with beauty


Why suddenly I feel insecure?

I said "No" this time, but still, I am lost.

I think I am too available after work. I do not really know what I should do. Maybe like most of the graduates who just start working. Work occupies most of the time, then gradually I will figure out what I need to do and want to do.

But this insecureness came from him.  What was that?He wanted to kiss my lips. I said "No", then he asked why. I did not say anything and said goodbye. I don't want to stay in the loop, the circle, the maze. A trap. I am afraid of the trap. The trap makes me anxious and emotional. All in all, I don't understand guys and want to escape them. I want to escape, however, I want a man who doesn't make me lonely. 

I was judging her earlier, now I am judging myself. This is ridiculous.



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