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The first impression of the word "float" is due to an introduction of a Youtuber's tattoo. That was her first tattoo on her collar bone. It looks small and sexy to me.

Days before, I wanted a tattoo but I finally gave up. I guess I am too afraid of the shape of the tattoo may change if my body size changes. Also, I don't want to regret that.

I am moving to Toronto this Thursday, April 14th 2017.


April 18th, 2017

Here I am, Toronto.

I feel quite anxious, honestly. I have nobody which cause the insecurity. Besides, I did not really speak English for almost a week, which makes me, I think, not react to the language as quickly as before. Getting involved is difficult. I need an environment. Damn, everyone I know here speaks Chinese. I feel bad that way. I guess I do not wanna surrender to life. 

For me, Chinese community here is just awkward.


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