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A month, After a month, I am, like, totally understanding the reality of living and working in the Greater Toronto Area.

I was panic two weeks before. Why? New comers are hard to survive, if you do not work.

Many opinions were given from classmates or friends or parents. I hope my mind can be strong enough to not be influenced by them, or pursue theiir validation?

I would like to talk about two main elements that makes us difficult.

First of all, for most of Chinese students who come to western countries for bachelor or master degree, we do not have working experiences. I know this is more like a cultural thing. Still, because of this, many western companies will not consider hiring us. In western culture, people are more practical. This is an awkward situation for me, even I have a master degree. I know many local Canadians can not get a job related to their majors, I mean, this is the same thing around the world. 

Another point is I do not have connection in GTA. Now I do realize connections are so important. In the past, I thought it was better to just be me and I did not need to connect with people I am not interesed in or I dislike. Now it turns out that I am totally wrong. I was so naive before and,even now, I am naive. My personality just does not fit iin Chinese community, at least that is what I think of myself since university.


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